What goes into obtaining our new future service dogs...very funny

Here is a copy of an e-mail that went out prior to a trip to NE to get pick up our newest puppies. It shows the planning that goes into this task and better yet the humor that goes with it!!! Enjoy.


Preparing for Puppies
[We thought you might enjoy reading an email conversation among staff regarding new puppies coming into CHAMP/]

Janet: alisha plz pull 4 baby crates out of the garage and disinfect them downstairs and let dry. i will plan on coming up friday to gather supplies for road trip. will need 4 puppy kits. ... i am trying to think of everything which might b needed.

paper towels
towels, flexis, leads
bottled water
towels, puppy shampoo
puppy wipes
stuffed animal snuggle toys
chlorox wipes
anything else?

Theresa:  poop bags and dog food

Janet:  poop bags, lol who can forget those with 4 pooping puppies. hoping breeder brings us food but will take some as back up.

Nola: would it make sense to take piddle pads and toss in an ex-pen for hotel bathroom floor. Might not be there long enough to worry about that.

Janet:  lol yes, but i am hoping she will keep them all night and we will get them in the a.m.

Nola:  Hmmm, at that age I'd have barely slowed down to toss them to you as we drove by...

Janet:  lmao, she [the breeder] sounds pretty balanced but says it is nuts at her house. she spoke to me last night n the garage. i asked her why it was so quiet. :))

Nola: It's a lovely experience until around 3-4 weeks of age and then you're wondering how in the heck you're going to keep up with 10 puppies all pooping at the same time nearly every time you turn around. of course, when you lean over the pen to pick it up they're SO excited they ALL come running over and jumping up, then they're all stepping in poop and smearing it all over themselves, each other, the rest of the pen, me, every nook and cranny,  <sigh> and then of course they all need baths and once they're clean it starts all over again. wish my back were up to it - I'd love to do it again.

Janet: ... she is not breeding again. lol i told her our story of the 8 pups in mom's diarrhea and how it took 5 people and 3 hours to clean it all up all the while they were still eating and pooping. yie, yie yie

Nola:  :))) Ah yes, that was something to remember...