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C.H.A.M.P., Inc. service dog candidates come to us through many different avenues, including local breeders, shelter/rescue groups, pet-homes, and our small in-house breeding program. We prefer to start the training process with young puppies, however, we will occasionally evaluate older puppies on a space-available basis.
Black Labrador Baby
A working service dog is a very special animal. It must be intelligent, friendly, and compliant, willingly and happily learning new skills and performing the tasks which its partner requires. It must also be comfortable around the unique sights, sounds, and people it might encounter in a wide variety of public settings.

For these reasons, all puppies entering our program must first pass a temperament evaluation. During the evaluation, our experienced trainers observe how the puppy responds to different people and different gentle environmental stimuli. Our goal is to select those puppies that have the greatest chance of successfully completing the service dog training program.

Puppies that pass the initial temperament evaluation must next pass a series of health screenings, including orthopedic and vision. We highly prefer puppies whose parents who have obtained hip, eye, and elbow clearances.

If you have a puppy you feel may enjoy a service dog career, please read the following:

Ideal candidates should be:

  • between 7 weeks old and 1 year old*
  • of a 'typical' service dog breed, or cross (Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Standard Poodle, crosses)
  • of excellent general health (health clearances for both parents strongly preferred)
  • happy and eager to play and interact with humans
  • non-aggressive towards people
  • non-aggressive towards other dogs, cats, or other animals
  • housebroken, if older
  • quiet

* We prefer to start the training process with young puppies, however, we will occasionally evaluate older puppies if we have an opening in our training program..

Please note that C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs, Inc. has a limited number of puppy caregivers. At times, all of our caregiver homes will be full, and we will be unable to accept puppy donations. If this is the case when you call, please know that we do appreciate your thoughtfulness, and hope you will keep us in mind at a later date.

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If you would like more information on donating a puppy to C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs, Inc., Contact Us or call our office at (314) 653-9466.