Puppy Donation Process

If you would like to donate a puppy, please call our office. We would be happy to speak with you and can let you know if we are currently in need of puppies. If so, we will ask you a few additional questions to help determine whether your puppy might be a suitable candidate for our program.

If your puppy appears suitable, we will schedule a temperament evaluation. Upon passing the evaluation, we will take him/her to our program veterinarian for a general health exam.

Assuming acceptable results on the general health exam, your puppy or dog will enter our program on an observation basis. Our experienced handlers will interact with the puppy, and we may administer additional health screenings depending on the age of the puppy.

At the successful conclusion of the observation period we will start your puppy in our service dog-in-training program!

Things to Note:

If your puppy does not pass the temperament evaluation, the initial health exam, or the observation period, we will return your puppy to you with a full report regarding our findings. This initial step can sometimes take a month or even two, as we must schedule exams and then wait for test results.

If your puppy is accepted into the service dog-in-training program and must later be removed for any reason, you will have right of first refusal. If you do not wish to have your dog returned to you, C.H.A.M.P., Inc. will place the animal in a suitable pet home.

If your puppy passes the initial temperament evaluation, C.H.A.M.P., Inc. will pay the costs of all required health screenings.

Donated puppies are a mainstay of our program, and we sincerely appreciate your interest. If you would like to talk with someone about possibly donating a puppy to our program, please call our office at (314) 653-9466.