Pam Bolton, Executive Director, has worked with animals most of her career.  As the Director of Volunteers and Special Events at the Animal Protective Association (APA) of MO Pam supervised approximately 300 volunteers and planned their largest fundraiser, the Canine Carnival.
Most recently, Pam served as the Executive Director at the Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, Missouri.  She co-owned two grooming spas for 12 years and later added a full-service boarding kennel.
In 2000, Pam received a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications from Lindenwood University.
Pam joined C.H.A.M.P. as the Executive Director in November 2011 and has stated that this is her dream job as she is passionate about CHAMP’s mission and is proud to work for an organization that empowers people with disabilities and helps them live more independently through their service dog program.
Pam serves as a board member of the West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce and is an active member of the Chesterfield, MO and Northwest Chambers.


Dianne Peters, Director of Education, has a Master's degree in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri - St. Louis.  She designed the curricula for the CHAMP Ability Awareness Education Program, and visits schools and other venues to encourage understanding and respect for people of all abilities while demonstrating with a therapy dog or service dog in training how dogs can help people.  Dianne assists staff and volunteers interested in participating in the education program.  She is a founding member of CHAMP Dogs.

Active in the therapy dog program, Dianne visits a wide variety of facilities:  hospitals, day care for special needs adults, USO, libraries, reading programs, special needs classrooms with her certified therapy dogs and cat.

Director of Finance Theresa Dattilo with a golden retriever babyTheresa Dattilo, Director of Finance, has an M.S. in Business & Public Administration, and a B.S. degree in Psychology. She has over 16 years of experience working in the human resources field in both the public and private sectors. Ms. Dattilo joined C.H.A.M.P., Inc. in January 1999, and her dedication to the C.H.A.M.P., Inc. mission combined with her business knowledge have made her an essential part of our organization.

Ms. Dattilo graduated with her Black Labrador Rhea and Red Pomeranian Cross Chili Pepper from the C.H.A.M.P.ion Therapy Dog program. Rhea and Chili Pepper help educate individuals who are waiting for the placement of their service dog. Ms. Dattilo has given numerous service dogs-in-training a head start on skills and basic house manners, as she is also one of our premier puppy raisers!

Ms. Dattilo is well-suited to run the financial aspects of C.H.A.M.P., Inc. Her education background and business experience coupled with her understanding of the service dog industry make her an essential element of the C.H.A.M.P., Inc. staff.

Liz Aurbach, Director of the Therapy Dog Program, became a CHAMP volunteer in October, 2002 when she and her Cairn Terrier, Tommy, graduated from the Therapy Dog class. For a dozen years they made regular visits to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, The Center for Head Injury, The Rehab Institute of St. Louis and Rose Acres School. They also enjoyed making occasional presentations at local schools' Ability Days and Career Days on behalf of CHAMP's Education Program. She served as Director of the Therapy Dog Program from June, 2010 to May, 2012 and then returned to the post in January 2013.

Liz loves working with all our CHAMP volunteers and their dogs in the therapy dog program.

Liz has a BA in Journalism from the University of California, Berkeley. She was a technical writer for 30 years, working for big companies, non-profits and freelance clients. With her husband, Rick, she is co-owner of Aurbach & Associates, a software developer which created the first commercial electronic school portfolio and now creates apps for hand-held devices.

Liz and Rick live in U City with their Cairn Terrier, Pippin, who, alas, has a tad too much independence for therapy dog work.

Nola Ewers, Acting Service Dog Program Director, is a founding member of CHAMP. She has  been training service dogs since 1992, and visits the Champ prison program in Vandalia, MO each week to lead classes for our offender-trainers. She is responsible for all aspects of the service dog program, from selecting and educating puppies through their eventual placement as service or facility dogs. Nola is also responsible for ensuring each dog's future partner is ready to be a great partner for their dog. She enjoys being part of the instruction team for CHAMP therapy dog classes, also.

Nancy Johnson, Puppy Coordinator started training service dogs for CHAMP in 2003. She impressed us with her dedication, training skills, and her ability to work with others, and thus became our Puppy Coordinator. Nancy supervises and administers our puppy-raising program, keeps track of "all-things-puppy-related" for all the dogs-in-training, including those in our prison program, and helps with puppy classes. As a skilled advanced trainer, Nancy also works one-on-one with our service dog students during the transfer process, instructing in the effective use of their service dogs' skills, public access rights and responsibilities, and other aspects of partnering with a service dog.

Dana Ruff, Client Services Coordinator has been training with CHAMP since 2009, and joined our staff in February 2012. Her skills as an advanced service dog trainer coupled with her desire to help each client develop a strong partnership with their service dog make her the perfect choice for this position. Dana also works one-on-one with our service dog students during the transfer process, and helps answer questions that may arise throughout the life of the team. A quote from Dana..."Being a part of CHAMP has been a wonderful adventure for me. Not only do I work with great people and canines, I am able to meet more people every day working with clients and applicants. I assist the clients and help with the transfer of skills to serve their needs. I train Service Dogs in my spare time and when not in training, they live with me on a temporary basis. These animals are amazing. Not only do they learn through me, I learn through them. I never knew just how much a dog can bring to our lives until joining CHAMP. There is a world of possibilities. No wonder our name stands for 'Canine Helpers Allow More Possibilities'!!"