Story Ideas

We have a wide variety of story possibilities, and we would be happy to discuss any or all with you. A few examples:

A Boy and His Dog -- delightful child who happens to have Muscular Dystrophy is partnered with an equally delightful Golden Doodle.

A Little Help, a Lot of Love -- our service dogs are trained to assist with tasks that can increase the independence of a person with a disability. Perhaps even more important, though, is the companionship our dogs provide for their partners, and the magical bond that develops between them.

Reading Program -- very popular concept - children improve their reading and communication skills by reading to... dogs! Dogs are great listeners, and their non-judgmental attention to the young readers create a comfortable and relaxed learning environment. We have teams working in schools and libraries in the bi-state area.

Facility Dog Higgins -- this handsome dog has made quite a splash as the official "Facility Dog" of SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis, MO. SO many story possibles here, as Higgins is on call in Cardinal Glennon's Pediatric Rehab Institute to work directly with children who need help restoring range or motion, building muscle strength or regaining the ability to speak. Partnered with his handler Betty, an R.N., in January of 2008, Higgins has already had a tremendous impact in the lives of dozens of children and their families.

Economy-related -- the slowing economy affects charitable organizations as well as individuals, families, and businesses. We are very grateful that our donors continue to support our mission, yet we wonder what this upcoming year will bring. We're not certain what kind of attendance to expect at our major fundraisers, like our upcoming Trivia Night in October. We hope the fundraisers are successful, as the money raised will allow us to continue to provide our service dogs free of charge to children and adults with disabilities.

Geographic Location

  • Eastern Missouri / St. Louis area -- most of our Service Dog placements are right here in the greater St. Louis area, so we can offer you a variety of story possibilities focused on our graduates. Our Therapy Dog Teams spread the joy inherent in the canine/human bond in nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities across the area. Our Abilities Education Program reaches over 7,000 students each year, with informative and entertaining presentations abut disabilities and service animals.
  • Illinois focus -- wonderful human-interest possibilities. Several CHAMP volunteers live in Illinois. Our Therapy Dog Teams visit the elderly in several facilities, and we also have a very popular reading program for children.
  • Eastern Missouri / Audrain County area -- our Prison Program, at the women's prison in Vandalia, MO is a natural. MANY story possibilities there!
  • Central Missouri -- puppy raisers in Jefferson City (including a young lady who is raising a service dog puppy as her Bat Mitzah project.)

Volunteering -- perhaps a story focused on the many volunteer opportunities at CHAMP (or a wider-reaching storyline about the variety of volunteer opportunities in the St Louis area.) We have great volunteers, like our puppy caregivers, whose job it is to socialize, socialize, socialize our puppies, our Therapy Dog Teams who enjoy sharing their special animals with others, and the many individuals who help us out with fundraisers and office-type work. LOTS of great story possibilities!

Education Programs for Adults / Service Dogs Welcome -- CHAMP offers businesses, civic and social organizations instruction in the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it pertains to service animals in a "Service Dogs Welcome" program. We also offer a program focused on how service dogs can help increase the independence of the individuals who choose to use them.

Small Businesses -- CHAMP is blessed to have the continuing support of several small businesses, even in these trying financial times. We think THEIR stories would be of interest to your audience.

Just a few examples --

  • James Kuhn, D.V.M., and Florissant Animal Hospital have been incredibly supportive of our mission. They have donated many thousands of dollars worth of veterinary care over the years, and have offered excellent advice and friendship every step of the way.
  • Ben W. Johnson, D.V.M., Diplomate A.C.V.O. at Animal Eye Associates in Kirkwood, MO provides excellent eye care for animals in the St. Louis community. He very kindly sees all of our service dogs-in-training at no charge, helping ensure that each dog we place is healthy and physically able to perform the skills required for service.
  • Philibert Security Systems, Inc. in Webster Groves is a small family-owned business that very kindly donates their services to CHAMP as well as dozens of other charitable organizations across the St. Louis area. They keep our office secure, and are greatly appreciated!