Facility Dogs

CHAMP Facility Dogs are partnered with a therapist, counselor or trained facilitator who utilizes the dogs' special skills in a professional setting such as a health care facility, courtroom or child advocacy center.

CHAMP Facility Dogs are friendly, well-mannered, highly-trained professionals.

Like public access service dogs, our facility dogs have the confidence to be comfortable in a wide variety of settings.

In healthcare settings, a well-trained canine can actively assist in occupational, physical, or speech therapy sessions, or simply provide a sense of comfort and well-being to patients and their families.

In courthouse and child advocacy centers, a sweet, approachable, very pettable canine with a gently wagging tail can help an abused child or vulnerable adult feel more confident when telling an investigator, prosecutor, or judge about traumatic experiences.

CHAMP Facility Dogs live with their primary handlers and may also partner with an additional trained handler at the work site.

Off-duty, these dogs are much-loved members of their caregiver's family. As with all of our dogs, CHAMP Facility Dogs must have daily exercise and playtime sessions in order to maintain their health and well being.

Apply for a Facility Dog / Eligibility Requirements