Home Service Dogs

photo Citi with partner

CHAMP Home Service Dogs partner with either a child or an adult with a disability.

CHAMP Home Service Dogs perform many of the same skills as their public access counterparts, but they do so in a home environment.

CHAMP Home Service Dogs can:

  • retrieve dropped items
  • open and close doors (including cabinets, refrigerators, and house doors)
  • turn lights on or off
  • place items in a basket
  • tap buttons with a nose or paw
  • assist with dressing or undressing
  • retrieve a special phone in case of emergency

photo Heath with partner

As a final step in the training process, each dog is also custom-trained to meet the specific needs of their future partner. Examples:

  • retrieve specific items by name
  • open or close sliding glass doors
  • locate another person in the home when the dog's partner needs extra assistance
  • assist with their partner's physical therapy exercises

The presence of the dog also encourages their partners to be more active as the dog must have daily exercise and playtime in order to maintain their health and well-being.

Apply for a Service Dog / Eligibility Requirements