CHAMP Public Access Service Dogs

photo Twix with partner

CHAMP Public Access Service Dogs are partnered with adults with a wide range of physical disabilities. These dogs have the skills and confidence to happily work in changing environments.

CHAMP Public Access Service Dogs like to be out and about, just like their active partners.

They can: photo dog holding door open

  • open and close doors
  • retrieve dropped items, like keys or cell phones
  • remove coats and gloves
  • carry items in a backpack
  • brace, to provide stability
  • perform other skills, as needed

As a final step in the training process, each dog is also custom-trained to meet the specific needs of their future partner. For example, some of our service dogs wear special harnesses when out in public, which allow them to provide counterbalance support for their partners.

At home, CHAMP Public Access Service Dogs have time off to run and play and just "be a dog", but they are also available should their partner need assistance, much like CHAMP Home Service Dogs.

The well being of our dogs is always our first consideration.

Apply for a Service Dog / Eligibility Requirements