Puppies With Purpose (PWP)


Puppies With Purpose (PWP) is CHAMP's program in Columbia, Missouri that allows Collegiate Students and the Columbia community to raise puppies to become CHAMP service dogs. The students, under the guidance of PWP's Director, Terri Tucker-Warhover, DVM, raise and socialize our puppies at Mizzou and throughout the Columbia, MO area.

puppy on campus

The PWP students are very dedicated, and meet regularly during the school year to work with the puppies and learn about puppy-raising: everything from potty training to walking politely on a loose leash. Students learn positive reinforcement techniques to gently guide the puppies towards our goal of happy, confident puppies that are ready for our prison training program in Vandalia, MO.

photo Dr Warhover with Dewey Terri Tucker-Warhover, an experienced veterinarian, is the Founder and Director of Puppies With Purpose. In addition to guiding the students as they raise our puppies, she attends nearly all of our weekly training sessions in Vandalia. Many of the students visit the prison, also, to work with our trainers. They learn how to effectively reinforce positive behaviors, and how to help extinguish undesirable behaviors, resulting in more consistent handling whether the puppies are in the prison for training, or out in Columbia for a break. The puppies rotate between PWP and the prison every couple of months, until they near placement.

Dr. Warhover provides veterinary care for the PWP puppies in Columbia as well as our assistance dogs-in-training and the rescue dogs while they are at the prison. She keeps close tabs on the dogs whenever health issues arise. And, she is available day or night whenever we have questions. Our service dogs-in-training get exceptional care!

Check PWP Puppy Pictures for a peek at the fun!

Visit the Puppies With Purpose website for more information on this super program for CHAMP, the Mizzou students, the Columbia community, and our service and facility dog partners!

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