Veterans Independence Partners


CHAMP wants to give back to the Veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom.

For a veteran who is returning home, after suffering a life-altering injury, a specially-trained service dog can help restore independence and boost self-esteem. CHAMP service dogs are trained to help their partners, with physical disabilities, become more independent inside their homes and in the community. A Veteran's Independence Partner can give our clients and their loved ones greater peace of mind.

Typically, CHAMP charges a $50 application fee when someone submits an application for a service dog. CHAMP will waive this fee for all veterans. It costs CHAMP approximately $15,000 to train and place an Independence Partner with a Veteran. However, CHAMP places service dogs, free-of-charge, with qualifying individuals.

You may qualify for a Veteran’s Independence Partner if:

  • You live within a 50-mile radius of St. Louis, MO
  • You have a physical and/or cognitive disability that can be impacted by an assistance dog. (Your disability does not have to be a result of the time you served in the military.)
  • You served the United States in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard and received an honorable or general discharge
  • You are released from all service and reserve duties

When considering placement of an Assistance Dog, CHAMP requires that all of our clients are dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional & financial needs of an Assistance Dog for the life of the team. This is a life-long commitment and partnership.

CHAMP Assistance Dogs serves a 50-mile radius to St. Louis. CHAMP staff and advanced trainers are available to assist our clients and their service dog with any questions, concerns or training needs for the life of the partnership.

Learn more about the four types of CHAMP Assistance Dogs.

If you meet the above requirements and would like to speak to us about applying for a Veteran’s Independence Partner, please contact CHAMP and ask to speak with our Client Services Manager.